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Learn to Forget.

: Anissa.
Age: 15.
Location: Nashville, TN.
5 Favorite Bands: Monster Squad, The Exploited, Anti-Heros, FEAR, Cheap Sex, etc.
5 Favorite Books: A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey, The DaVinci Code by Dan Borwn, annnnd I can't think of anything else right now, I'm distracted so please excuse me.
5 Favorite Movies: I'm not much of a movie person. Uh... "Silence of the Lambs", "The Shining", "Fantasia" (I love Disney movies), "A Clockwork Orange", and I give up on the last one.
Favorite TV show: I grew up with South Park, man, so I'll go with that.
Heroes(who & why): I'd say my brother (Oh, how cute)--He's 9 years older than me, and for as long as I can remember, has always been there to back me up or to calm me down. We both have bipolarity disorder, and since I've always put up with his shit he puts up with mine. I was always around him growing up (unless he was in jail), so I guess he's one of my larger influences if not the largest. No one else has sat through as much shit with me as he has, and I appreciate him for that. I've seen him overcome obstacles I could never see myself doing and he still keeps more optimism than I can ever gather. He's just amazing.
If you had a time machine... Oh man, I would fuck shit up left and right. Every concert I've ever wanted to see would be attended, and so many dramatic situations would be eliminated, leaving me with less shit to deal with. Pure utopia, anyone?
And You Think?
: I'm pro-choice, more pro-choice than most actually. I don't see any problem with abotion, and frankly, I couldn't care WHY the mother was getting one. It ain't my business, I don't fuck with it. I just know that most people would be stunned by my stance on the whole thing.
America: "I'm fucking lucky I live here!" -A Global Threat; America's pretty shnazzy, really. It has its ups and its downs, but then again, what doesn't? We have freedoms granted, and a lack of totalitarianism, so that's cool. However, some issues DO need to be addressed (i.e. Child abuse, homelessness, overty, homophobia), and there are far too many closed-minded people. Honestly, though, if I hear one more person bitch about Bush I'm going to be so pissed off. The election's over, fucking deal with it, we all have to.
Self Abuse: Self-abuse hasdifferent categories, I think. Cutting because you want attention, or you want to kil yourself? Fuck that. I have a thing for self-induced pain on a sexual level, and I think that may be why I'm addicted to piercings like crack rock.
Drugs/Drinking: I tend to do both heavily, but I don't really encourage it, persay. I do it 'coz it's my business, my pleasure, and my committment. If I'm sitting next to someone smoking a bowl, I'm going to offer it to them with a simple hand gesture. If they don't want it, fine, that's cool too. I've passed on shit thousands upon thousands of times, it's not hard.

There is More?
3-6 Pictures♥

Hehehee my ferret was tiny then.

Pardon the ugliness of it all, I just woke up, and I hadn't redyed my hair in fucking forever. Besides, that was back when most of my head wasn't shaved.

Ahhh and morning strikes again. That's my ex, in any of you were wondering. Hahaha I had a hickey.
Why should you be accepted: A friend of mine on GJ asked me to join, well, asked everyone to join, and I'm doing it. So nyuh. Anywho, uh, I guess coz I could show you a real good time? Hehehhh.
5 things you love: Art in general, vandalism, drinking, rain, and my pets (Rat, Ferret, and a Dog).
5 Things you hate: Well the other day I came home to see everything in my bathroom destroyed, compliments a la ferret, so there's one. Raspberry flavored Smirnoff vodka, shite hardcore music, the shite hardcore kids that go with the shite hardcore music, and packing for vacation.
Any Last words: None at all, dearies.

I'm not very active on just MY journal here, so I always use my GreatestJournal (which would be where I found out about this comm.)--Hope these are all right.
Promote in 2 Communities:

Promote in 3 journals:
^public entry on GJ.
Voila. Hopefully that whole GJ thing'll be cool with you guys.

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