Presente! (__sairycometrue) wrote in __anti_stars,

Learn To Forget

: Sairy
Age: Sixteen
Location: Santa Ana, CA
5 Favorite Bands: Deathcab For Cutie, Norma Jean, Elliot Smith, the Postal Service, Mae
5 Favorite Books: A Hundred Secret Senses, The Joy Luck Club, And Then There Were None
5 Favorite Movies: Amores Perros, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Kill Bill vol 1&2, 21 Grams
Favorite TV show: MXC
Heroes(who & why): my mom, shes very short, but she acts taller than most people i know.
If you had a time machine... i'd go back to re do some bad shit i've done.
And You Think?
: is good in the right situations
America: watch the "Yes Men"
Self Abuse: they need help
Drugs/Drinking: its alright once in a while i guess.. fuck id unno.
There is More?
3-6 Pictures♥
: Image hosted by
Image hosted by
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Image hosted by
Why should you be accepted: cos i'll stay active and promote.
5 things you love: i love my boyfriend, i love good music, i love good films, i love my fathers house, i love my friends
5 Things you hate: i fucking hate shit talkers, i fucking hate cheaters, i fucking hate stupid movies, i fucking hate narrowminded people, i hate worms
Any Last words: ahh i love sarah bloom humper
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the other community i'm in is dead so.. only one..

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