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Learn to Forget

: Leah
Age: 17
Location: Near Boston
5 Favorite Bands: Blondie, Riistetyt, the Dead Boys, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue...
5 Favorite Books: Mein Kampf, anything by Francesca Lia Block, Democracy in America, the Davinci Code, a Clockwork Orange...
5 Favorite Movies: Clockwork Orange, Requiem for a Dream, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Night of the Living Dead, Trainspotting...
Favorite TV show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Heroes(who & why): I don't choose famous people as heroes, because I don't know them personally, and as much as I appreciate the work they do, I just have no reason to look at them in that way because tons of other people do work just as well without being recognized for it. So as cliche as it sounds I'd have to choose my mom. I mean my grandparents, like most people who grew up in that time era, have a way they want people to look and behave, can't understand why gay marriage is even being considered as an option, and think immigrants don't have a place here, so it was tough for my mom to live with them seeing as how my sister and I were born with a ton of problems and chose a different path than most kids in this town. But despite what my grandparents thought she raised us to be understanding, unique kids. I mean they're really, really bad.
If you had a time machine I would go back to the dinosaur age. I'm dead serious. I mean I love the 70s, 80s, all that jazz, but to actually see dinosaurs would be better than anything else. Or it would be cool to go back to the stone age or some really long ago time with all the knowledge I have now and teach them everything; I'd be like a god, it's be amazing,
And You Think?
Death Penalty
: I don't support it at all. First of all the concept is totally hypocritical. If you kill someone we'll kill you. Killing them justifies nothing. I know that if someone murdered someone I cared about I wouldn't want to see them be killed, I'd want to see them live in jail, going insane thinking about what they did, whether or not they realize it was wrong. If I did something horrible enough to be put in jail for life, I know I'd much rather die.
Abortion: It should be the woman's choice. Whether or not you or I would make that decision is not the case, and it's not the business of some men and women working for the government either. The woman could have been raped, could have taken all the precautions necessary and still gotten pregnant, could be seriously at risk if she gave birth to the child, etc. Having a baby changes your life forever, whether you keep it or not after the fact, and to have anything bad happen or to be horribly depressed about how it happened wouldn't make life any easier.
America: I don't look at America as good or bad. Yes, we are the most powerful, successful country. And yes, we are pretty much the most free country. But we are also preparing for our own demise. Teenagers are spoiled and will not be able to support themselves when they get older, one step out the door and they won't know what to do. Everyone is incredibly materialistic whether they believe it or not (hell, I know I am too). What happens when Earth uses up all of its resources? Other countries will be used to not having enough and may know what to do in such situations, but America will not know and will fall below all other countries. We're also not exactly the best at choosing our own leaders, and base that on religion quite often, ruining everything our founding fathers were trying to establish. America was an amazing concept. A free country full of promises where anyone could prosper. But society is ruining that, and soon we'll be so far from what we used to that we'll lose sight of anything important and end up destroying ourselves.
Self Abuse: Okay this is coming from someone who used to be a self mutilator, so don't think I'm just being one sided or that I don't know what I'm talking about. I think it's pointless. Sure, I used to get so upset and with an abusive boyfriend I felt like I was doing something wrong and needed to punish myself. And sure, it made me feel better, but only when the pain was there, and eventually my mind wandered back to what was bothering me. It's like taking drugs to ease the pain. It becomes an addiction and eventually the cause of your problems, kind of defeating the purpose, huh? It's just not the way to handle your problems. As much as you might hate doctors, come on, just go see a therapist, get some medication. It won't bite. I'm not trying to sound cold, but why bother living if you aren't going to even try to help yourself? I'm not saying to kill yourself, just get some help. It might take a while to find something that works for you but it's better than hurting yourself, trust me.
Posers: I really don't think there's such a thing as posers. I mean there aren't all that many styles when you look at the world population. Everyone fits into one style, some into many different styles, but no one has their own unique style, it's just impossible. If there are posers then everyone is one. And it just sounds so stupid, calling someone a poser. I mean say it, I swear you'll feel stupid immediately afterwards.
Homosexuality: I support it 100Q%, and find nothing wrong with it. No one choose who to love so why punish them.
Drugs/Drinking: I don't do drugs and I don't drink. I see no point in it. I used to, but I realized I could have fun without them, and they are really bad for you no matter how stupid I sound saying it. I don't call myself straightedge, however. And I most certainly don't look down on people who do these things, unless they do them irresponsibly, such as driving afterwards or allowing kids to get involved. Which means I look down on most people in this town...
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Why should you be accepted: Because I'll promote and be active. And because I put time into this.
5 things you love: Music, reading, the outdoors, the T, makeup.
5 Things you hate: Descrimination, when people make fun of me because I read, bumflaps, feet, bad acting.
Any Last words: This communty seems cool?

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