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learn to forget

Age: 14
Location: Vacaville California...this is weird...
5 Favorite Bands: Subhumans, the Misfits, GBH, Crass, Fear
5 Favorite Books: Days of War Nights of Love, 1984...uhm..yeah....
5 Favorite Movies: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!! Girl, Interrupted, Pulp Fiction, Bubble Boy, Mean Girls (SO fetch..)
Favorite TV show: hmm...andy milonakis and QVC
Heroes(who & why): My little sister Sammi...she's five...and she's awesome
If you had a time machine...I would go back in time to when my parents had sex to make me and I'd smack my dad on the ass and yell "I'M YOUR DAUGHTER! I'M FROM THE FUTURE!! AHAHAHA!" (Dane Cook is hilarious)
And You Think?
: Definately pro-choice. It sickens me how the government is trying to control every minute aspect of our lives down to one of the most personal decisions a woman could ever make.
America: America isn't as great as it sounds but then again it isn't as bad as the majority of people say it is. America: Home of the mediocre!
Self Abuse: Sure, I pity those who abuse themselves as a way of pain and stress relief but I don't really understand how that helps the situation at all. But there seem to be assloads of annoying people who do it just for attention or just to fit in with the "I dont wanna fit in" crowd.
Drugs/Drinking: I despise drugs and drug users, there isn't a point to drug use at all. Drinking...every now and then isn't a big deal but alcoholism is as bad as drug use to me
There is More?
3-6 Pictures?
:Image hosted by
bored in the carImage hosted by
Silly Rabbit! Murders for carnies!Image hosted by
The whoriest picture Ive ever taken Image hosted by
Why should you be accepted: Because I'm a sweet tranasvestite from transsexual Transylvania and I'll be an active member
5 things you love: Neon colors, makeup, music, making clothes, megaphones
5 Things you hate: People who are too shy, people who are too outgoing, people who CONSTANTLY quote Napolean Dynamite, SLEEP, coca cola
Any Last words: I hate elevators...?
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Promote in 3 journals: roxyrachelda_fifcutthesmutt


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