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For now on, all the post will be friends only. If you don't follow this new rule. Your post will most likely be deleted with in 48 hours. You can always go back to Edit Entries and put in the community name  and  fix it. If you do not fix it, your post shall be deleted.

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Mod: Sarah

P.s. If you can make all the other entries friends only too that would be greatly appreciated.

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hey guys well i just got accepted and I am so happy. Well I am really sorry for the inconvience but I have changed my user name from mssbhvn14 to falen_beauty_aa...I am really sorry! I can still get under mssbhvn14 but I rarely ever do..Which do you want me to post all my stuff under?
thanks so much

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                          Listen up bitches

    This is cO-mod.

                        If you are still interested  in being in this community then please click on



__anti_stars             & vote on the last applications.