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Hi all arent we just so sick of these scene kinds.
Stupid preps who thinks its ok to listen to our music while shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch.
Thanks but I can rip my own jeans.
And seriousley how fucken sad your momma didnt let you go to the show so that you could just stand there with a frown on your face how fucken sad for you.
And then you people who did got to the show bagging the rest of us cause we are right there moshng along to it all.
Can you say get a life.
Some of us have actually got to work for our money we cant just go to mum and whine and bitch until they give in we have to give it our all sweat and blood included.
Oh and come on those little scratches you do on your arm for attention you say we are the crazy ones what the fuck ever you need to be locked up and the key thrown far far away.
Some people so actually apperciate this music for what it is and some people do actaully have their own fucken probalems.
Self Harm and this music isnt for you scene attention whores.
Self Harm is a seriou thing not somehting you do then laugh about and show all your friends the next day.
Get a life for fuck sakes and stop stepping on our tertiory.
God scene kids fuck me right off.

They all need to be shot or locked up!!!
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er, hi

In every town I've lived in, I've seen them. Scene kids = spoiled brat rich kids who complain that their parents didn't give them money to go the show, or did, but not enough to buy any t-shirts, cds, or band merchandise. date-rapists. anorexic whores who make fun of my fat friends who criticize their 'artwork.' they all claim to love photography, but only if it's taken by their helio/tmobile/verizon wireless camera phone, and edited in photoshop. they don't dance at shows and heckle all the best bands they paid to see. oh, well, they'll all go deaf from those damn i-pod thingies anyway.

thew! I love that somebody decided to make this comm~! yes, I like a lot of emo, screamo, metal, grunge, punk, indie, glam bands. and this may be hypocritical of me. whatever. I don't care. I miss the good ole days when shows meant dancing and moshpits. not grinding up on some stranger's dick in the bar in a skirt.

if that's what being rich means, I'd rather stay poor.
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I thought it was about time for me to join this kind of community. There is a shitload of scene kids at my school and my neighborhood, as well as just all over the city.

What annoys me the most is that it's music that creates this sort of stereotype (and many others, but I won't get into that). As soon as someone says "I love -insert band name here-!", they're automatically being judged and stereotyped into the "genre" or" label" they fit into. What if I liked metal, screamo, rap, country and bubblegum pop? I must be a fucking superhero!

I'd much rather kids would concentrate on what goes into their brains and not what goes onto their bodies or in their CD players.

But hey, I'm not the one to preach, right? -shrug-

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My school is filled with scene kids and they make me want to puke, because I actually have the balls to dress weird without all of my friends doing the same. Those non-comformists are all alike!
marshall ring

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Any Fall Out Boy fans?

Well you can now buy this book written by a very good friend of the band

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Go to askheychris.com for more details about the book, and who Christopher Gutierrez(more commonly known as "HeyChris") and why he's important, if you don't already know.


Hi, Scarlet from shitty England. Fed up of scene kids . Fact .

Likes: A few select people, Tsunami Bomb, NoComply, Underground Punk scene in London, The Breakfast Club.......blah blah blah.

Hates: burberry, sexism, "the dead look"....blah blah blah.
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No Regrets

Hey, if your bored or care about underground punk bands


Check us out, Were a punk band from Detroit, Michigan.Add us if you like us and leave a comment, or if you hate us and want to tell us we suck.

Main influences are shitty bands like Nofx, Bad Religion and the Suicide Machines.

Thanks for your time


Explain, please

"losers in the back of the classroom, drawing rude pictures on the desk, listening to the forbidden cd player, or just being anti-social."

aka scene kids? i am slightly confused.

i am also confused by how trendy some of the favorite bands are here. Let's be honest kids, MCR is pretty scene. Does this community actually know what a scene kid really is? Take a look at Atreyu. They are a very good band, but they are the epiphany of the scene.

Okay i'll make this quick

-all forms of music, minus country...anything else works, as long as it's the good stuff
ex. rap is pretty bad, but The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, stuff like that is tolerable
-local shows
-people with strong ideals, like sXe kids (the real ones, not the scene kids who turn 18, get drunk, and fuck a blind chick)
-hardcore dancing
-Dream Theater (the best band the grace this earth)
-push moshing
-fake people
-bass players with picks
-now that i think of it, this community isn't right for me either

i just wanted to make a point.

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New as well.

I actually came across this by inadvertantly clicking on interests in someone's profile, but I'm glad I checked this community out. Scene kids annoy the everliving christ out of me, and I qualify as a societal reject, so I guess I'll fit right in.

Skanking. Seriously, just, what the hell. It's obnoxious, the music's obnoxious, and the people doing it are obnoxious. And pit ninjas... Blah.


Should I add the obligatory emo picture like everyone else seems to have done?

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It's actually a rather nice picture, so I will.