Aaron Cargill (inversation) wrote in __anti_adders_,
Aaron Cargill

disappointed in LJ

I posted a suggestion to the suggestions board at Livejournal to include an authorisation system, similar to what ICQ uses, as an optional feature for those who wish to use it. It would be very easy to incorporate and would have no negative effects that I can foresee, especially if its disabled by default. All it would mean is that users who want to have more control over who they are associated with can enable it. They sent back a reply shortly after saying something to the effect that "Livejournal has no interest in implementing this idea". Didn't even put up for public dispute, just a simple "no".

I was very disappointed in livejournal in that decision. Hopefully, if they see exactly how many people are offended by serial adding they might actually consider such an idea which inconveniences no-one who uses livejournal appropriately.

What do you guys think of the suggestion to add an authorisation system to livejournal friends lists? I'm curious, comment and let me know.
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