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whatever it takes

it's a disorder, not a lifestyle.

[starve] for perfection
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++ Please make ALL posts friends only. If you make a public post, it will be deleted without warning.
++ Please put a subject to your subject line.
++ Please put your application under an lj-cut. Also, all pictures, long posts and posts about binges must be put under an lj-cut, as they may be triggering for others. Learn how to use lj tags.
++ No bashing the other members. This is a place for support, and by coming here, you agree to support and be supported by others. You will be banned for bashing another member.
++ You must be older than 13 to join. This is because we don't want any young girls or guys in here that are dieting and /or are in the risk of developing an eating disorder.
++ Do not whore your community here! You may share a helpful site, but all whoring posts will be deleted!
++ Eating disorders are not fun, they are not glamorous, and they definatly are NOT a lifestyle. We do not encourage eating disorders, nor will we help you develop one. Don't come here to follow the 'trend' of ED's, or if you are looking for attention. You will be banned if you do. Also, don't come here to lecture people for what they are doing. We know all the risks.


Please fill this out within 72 hours of being approved as a member. If you neglect to do so, you will be deleted.
It's not an application, it's basic information, so we can get to know you, but omit any information you don't feel comfortable sharing.

++Name:: [or alias, if you'd prefer to not use your true name]

++Current Weight // Current BMI:: [where can i find out what my BMI is?]
++Highest Weight::
++Lowest Weight::
++Goal Weight // Goal BMI::

++Type of ED:: [if you have one]
++Self Diagnosed, or Clinically:: [if applicable]

++Favorite Thinspiration:: [model, actress, quote, lyrics, ect. you may list as many as you'd like.]
++Favorite Website:: [anything helpful, such as fitday.com or a sight with awesome pictures like supermodels.nl]

++Pictures:: [optional.]

&& Promote!!

Come Join

copy and paste the following, removing all 6 stars.

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=__anaxcore"*><*img src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a63/i__heart_tofu/journal%20graphics/anaxcore.jpg"*>
Come Join <*lj comm="__anaxcore"*>


each individual is responsible for the content of their own posts.
although the name of this community contain's the term "ana" i do not mean to portray that we look upon the disorder lightly. it is a very serious, and controversial issue. DO NOT be like "ommgzzz ana is my best friend!" honestly, there aren't a lot of choices for user names left, this wouldn't have been my first pic. also, this is not PRO eating disorder community, in the sense most people think of the term "pro". it is more a less a support community for those already suffering from it. it's not to promote, or glorify eating disorders in any way.
for more information on eating disorders, and correctly self diagnosing, please visit ed_ucate.
if you're suffering from wanarexia or fauxlimia and somehow slip into this community, you will be banned. we will not tolerate ignorance here. not only do you make yourself look bad, but you reflect upon the entire community.