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Okay, so I have been working on this website called "From Fat To Skinny," (It's a webs.com site). It's audience is primarily aimed towards those who suffer from COE (Bunges but can't purge) and then resorts to fasting or sever restrciting after at least a week long episode of binging (Basically my life), and are still overweight because the uncontrollable cycle puts on all the pounds lost from fasting and then some. I was wondering if I wasn't alone in this? If not, PLEASE tell me. I hate this. I can't find a middleground; it always needs to be one of the two extremes.

If anyone wants the link to the site (NOT even close to finished) it's here

a lot of the thinspo is really old school, since i haven't taken the time to save any in FOREVER.

Hello :)

Heyyy, I'm new here, looking to make some friends (:

:: Emilie
++Age:: 16 in a month

++Height:: 5'6
++Current Weight // Current BMI:: 105/ 16.9
++Highest Weight:: about 130
++Lowest Weight:: 101
++Ultimate Goal Weight // Goal BMI:: 84/ 13.6

++Type of ED:: Anorexic with bulimic tendencies
++Self Diagnosed, or Clinically:: Self- diagnosed

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Name: Brooke
Age: 13
Current weight / current BMI:133/ 22.8[Disgusting]
Highest weight:170
Lowest weight: 27
Ultimite goal weight/ ultimite BMI: 80/ 13.7
Type of ED: anorexic with bulimic tendencies
Nice to meet you(:

hair loss?

Hey ladies!

I'm new to pro-ana, but it's been going really well so far and I've had no problem sticking with it. I actually like the way I feel.

The one thing about being ana that scares me is hair loss. Have any of you experienced it? How did you deal? I have cropped hair and am currently trying to grow it out nice & long, so I want to do the best I can for it.

Thanks! :3

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today i went school shoppin for clothes great i said
didnt get to my goal weight matter a fact have not lost a dam thing
damn munchies but in earlier post i told u guys how i limiting my self to 900cals a day
so far i have not gone over that
today i had chinese like a cup or two of it then a fruit light smoothie from DQ it was 250cals
and that was it i rode my bike for excerse so and i have a week left til school starts i am fasting til then
so everybody wish me luck and everyone stay strong no matter what the scale says :)

let me be specific.

I'm 18 years old, 5'4 & I currently weigh 130 f***ing lbs.
I WAS at 120lbs for a good while, lost all control once I started my period...I tend to crave food like a damb rhino when I'm on it...& my mind becomes "less determined" I guess you can say...
I'm off it now, & I'm loosing the weight asap.

For tomorrow's menu I will be having...
a nature valley granola bar.
& a small bowl of corn flakes.

That's it!

Then the next day, it'll be something small.
Probably a small salad, nothing more.

Then we'll go from there.


School starts a week from today.
I plan on being 120 before then.

Anyone care to join?

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Inspiration plz.

I was at 120...but then I got "comrortable" & decided to eat something sweet...then it went from that to something greasy....now I'm at this never ending food craving cycle....if that makes sence? Basically I'm eating like a f***ing pig & I need to stop.

I need some friends who are in the same boat as I am.
I was doing so well, until I decided to delete my account because I thought...still do kind of think my dad hacks on to the computer & checks the history & all....but at this point I'm just going to risk it.

AS you can probebly tell, I am quite frustrated....

as I was saying above, I was 120 I just checked the scale & I'm now at 130.....
today's the last day of being weak minded.

Who here wants to join me in my weight loss?
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