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Cosmetic And Beauty PRE-ORDER Spree 
02:30am 26/01/2010
  Cosmetic and Beauty Spree (Singapore)
Accept overseas order as well. ^^

I am sorry if I am not allow to post here.
Please kindly delete my post if I have broken the rules.
Sorry and Thank you.


Cosmetic and Beauty Spree, Please help to pass around!!! Thank you♥  
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For any enquiries or questions, feel free to e-mail to Otaku's Hime Chuu @


For spree items, rules and regulation, shipping and handling,

Please kindly visit   OTAKU'S HIME Chuu for more details.

It will definatle not dissapoint you!!!

Please help to pass around as well ^^V

10:20pm 28/03/2008

 hey Im new to this..


good luck girlies!!  anyone wanna talk on aim??

juss jiinxsay 
10:11pm 28/03/2008

im 5'5"
high wt: 185 lbs.
low wt: 105 lbs.
current wt: 105 lbs.
goal wt: 99 lbs....then maybe 95...90 ;-)

cant remember what else....fav bands??? dunno...love all music...

i usually use my other LJ for pro-ana related, but alas, cannot resist...

hope ev one has a great wknd!


07:15pm 09/02/2007
  Name: Lynn
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Current weight: 115 lbs
Highest weight: 120 lbs
Lowest weight: 90 lbs

My goal is to get to 80 lbs.. I'm not a very strong minded person. I tend to break-down and eat for one reason or another. I've already cut down to one meal a day and hopefully I will be off food before the end of next week! I've got a pretty good metabolism to maybe that will help me out? I don't know. It's so good to see other people who understand the want to be thin. Congrats guys and keep it up!
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Hi everyone 
11:17pm 31/01/2007
mood: awake
Hey everyone, im new here, just wanted to say hi :)
here's my stats
Age: 19
Height: 5'9''
Current Weight: 142...
Lowest weight: i think around 125
highest weight: 150
Goal weight: 120
I've been floundering in between mia and ana since 7th grade and im in my first year of college now.
I wanted to join to get some inspiration to lose the weight, i would really appreciate any help or advice!
i have a lot of respect for you people out there losing the weight you want to lose, you're inspiring!! Keep up the good work
All the best
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02:54am 31/01/2007
mood: .-.
Hi im new

Name: juli
Age: 20
Height: 5'3
Current weight: 138 lbs
Highest weight: 216 lbs
Lowest weight: 138 (now)

mi goal are : 121 lbs (55 k)

I hope made friends
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08:04pm 29/01/2007
  Check it out!Collapse )  
09:29pm 24/01/2007
  This is something I recently made and I wanted some feedback on. The videos are all videos I took of myself, and the pictures are ones I found from various websites. Let me know what you think.

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09:31pm 23/01/2007
  I hope this ok, according to the userinfo I think it is!

I think you all would really like the community authentictwigs it's like _realthin but no drama and posts don't have to be submited for approval; which is lame. SO go join it and start posting real/authentic pictures!

Thanks and if you do not want this here let me know and it will be gone before you know it!

and here are some pics, NSFWCollapse )

05:48pm 23/01/2007
mood: confused
Im quite new to this site and all that.. So dont really know what its all about.
Anyway, i reeeeally want to lose wait. some years ago i was thin and i want to be that again.

I have seen lots of people doing this while looking around, so here i go ;D :

Time period of ED: started when i was 14-15
Height: 5'6 ½
Cw: 128
Lw: 110
Hw: 132
STG: 120
LTG: 105

Hope to get some friends n' support on here :b
03:49pm 16/01/2007
  I desperatly want to loose 35 or 45 lbs. I've gained so much weight this past year and am so sick of my clothes not fitting. In high school a couple of my friends took laxatives to loose weight and it seemed like it worked good. My sister also took laxatives and was the thinest that she has ever been in her life. I bought Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Does this work ok? How much should I take to loose weight. Please please please can someone help me, I just want to be thin.  
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11:30pm 05/01/2007
  Hey XD Im new to this community so here are a few stats and things about me just so you know :)

Name : Laura
Age : 16
Location : Cornwall, UK
CW : 166lbs
GW1 : 150
GW2 : 133
GW3 : 126

Ive had bad weight problems in the past, fluctuating from anorexia, the Binge Eating etc. Im here for friends, support, guidance and just to see if with help I can shed those pounds.

Feel free to add but my personal journal is a bit random so excuse it.

Love Laura xcxc
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heres a before and after. 
12:41pm 13/12/2006
  The one i posted last night was me after fasting for five days,and the ones before are taken the morning i started the fast.Im still fat I want to lose about 15kg's.There is a few pictures and a little rant of what happened last night,just incase it triggers or anything.:) Also since I finally got a camera and worked out how to use it, im going to do a picture post every wednesday with progress ok.

Results pictureCollapse )
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09:54pm 12/12/2006
  I have been saying for ages i was goign to give you guys one.Im going to keep both journals for a while.I just finished fasting for five days and this is me.

PiccyCollapse )
10:11pm 11/12/2006
  I got diet pills today!!

ProTrim RX by Peoplesway. My boss sold them to me and for 30% off!!!!!!!

I am so excited. He tried to tell me that I have to eat with them or I could fuck up my body but I won't because I know it will work better if I don't. All I've eaten these past ....well...I dont know. week and a half? is a bubble tea and soda crackers. I've lost 6 lbs and I have my period so it's more.

Im so happy!!
09:04pm 03/12/2006
  I am disgusting.

Literally. I'm just disgusting. I can't handle to see myself.

I have no self control.

Sarah basically shoved half a cinimon bun down my throat today and everyone's been home so I couldn't really. You know. And my boss was there all day today so I couldn't do it at work.

Fuck everything. I hate me.
12:16am 29/11/2006
01:44am 27/11/2006

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05:20pm 25/11/2006
  I'm a fucking failure. The cookie wasnt even worth it while I was eating it. It had nuts in it. I hate nuts. I'm going to try and work it off tonight. I hate myself. I was doing so good up until my mother baked cookies. I had nothing but water and a minute made light fruit juice thing(only 10) and then a bite of turkey (theres no way that could have been more than 50 I suspect it was less than that. I hope anyway.) and then those damn cookies were just sitting there. I hate myself.

Sorry for the whiney rant and the cussing. I just needed to vent. I hope this community isnt completely dead. Someone needs to bring it back...
07:47pm 23/11/2006
mood: hopeful
Hello everyone! Briefly a description of me: I love to read and I love to write. I hate my body, and I want to be thin. I want to be loved and I want to be beautiful. Ana is not my only problem. I also have issues with other types of self injury. There are too many to list them all here, but if you would like to know, just ask. My diet plan is eating 500 or less every other day and on off days fasting. I love lolita styles (that's pretty irrelevant but if there are other loli-anas I would love to hear about it!) I've been trying really hard. I want to be beautiful more than anything else. My stats:

Age: 16
Name: Fuuka
CW: 107
HW: 115
LW: 96
STG: Anything under 100
LTG: 88 pounds.
Height: 5'6"

If anyone wants to friend me and doesnt mind reading my stupid angsty posts, feel free to friend me!