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Single out in 2 days!

Single "Stay" out this Wednesday the 28th! Check CDON.com to get your copy!

Here's what Amit says in his blog:
It's been a pretty busy week. Just preparing for this coming weeks little tour of Sweden where we are gonna play at different radio stations on Monday through Thursday. It's gonna be fun... a lot of singing in live radio.

And also on Wednesday a little interview will be posted (in Swedish of course) on aftonbladet.se. It should be a fun one. Met the producer out clubbing yesterday and she thought it was gonna be good...

So right now we're in the studio again, working with Jenny-Ann who is a singer, she is doing some choirs on At Times, it is sounding really good actually.

Read full entry @ Amit's site
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New Myspace location + message from Amit!

Amit left a message on A-Teens.com talking about his new solo and leaving us a new link to his Myspace profile where you can listen to 4 of his songs, check it out!
Hey guys.
I have been out of it for a while now, working real hard in the studio! But I finally got around to setting up some stuff on Myspace. Here you can hear some songs and I will be posting some blog entries untli my webpage comes up which should be more than two weeks but then again you never know.


spread the word! listen to the songs! add me!
I'll see you on myspace!
love u guys!
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Listen to Amit!

You can listen to Amit's demo song at Lindau, HERE just click "Lyssna..." on the top image.
OR you can go to Amit's fan MySpace and listen to it there!

Amit also left a message at A-Teens.com!
Amit wrote:
Hey guys. Glad most of you like it. This is pretty exciting all this new stuff. I am happy to get your reactions, this is still a demo but I am just about to go into the studio with this stuff, it will be alot more accoustic and chilled out. As for my voice, I have been taking classes forever now and it is really starting to pay-off. I know I don't sound like I used to in the band but for me that is a good thing, it just means that I have evolved.

Anyhow I give you a heads up as soon as my homepage is up. I will also put some more demos up (within a couple of weeks) on www.myspace.com/mythought, but I will deffinately give you a heads up on that too...

Take care guys
Thanks for the critique.
Love u
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Amit's solo project.

The article says that Amit is now ready for his own solo career, he wrote all the music for it. The release is planned for Spring 2007 but he's practicing his singing now on stage in the Fall.

Amit's band consists of keyboardist, Elias Ringquist and guitarist Christoffer Schoug. "Chemistry in a band is crucial, and I know that we click", says Amit.

"This will be the start to a great time together, I'm really excited."

Link: Lindau production AB