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Songs in a Key of Mine release!!!

First solo release from Amit Paul, Songs in a Key of Mine. The album has been 4 years in the making, written and co-produced by Amit. This is a record with soul. "It is really pictures of what I've been through the last years." - says Amit

You can buy the album at these sites:You can listen to six songs from the album on Amit's MySpace and you can download two of them for free!

Amit's is also featured on the main page of the Swedish MySpace :)
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Amit on TV, album in January

Amit recently recorded two Swedish TV shows, Fråga Olle and Big Words. Big Words is airing today and will probably have re-runs on during the week.

Amit's album release has been pushed back to January! Read what he says in his blog:
At the moment I'm in the studio writing the last couple of tracks that I need for the album. Everything is pointing towards that we will be done and good for release (at least here in Sweden, but also digitally) the first weeks of 2008. I think it's gonna be amazing (surprise). I really love the stuff I'm into right now, it is fun to write and the lyrics are very personal to me. Read full blog @ MySpace
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Single out in 2 days!

Single "Stay" out this Wednesday the 28th! Check CDON.com to get your copy!

Here's what Amit says in his blog:
It's been a pretty busy week. Just preparing for this coming weeks little tour of Sweden where we are gonna play at different radio stations on Monday through Thursday. It's gonna be fun... a lot of singing in live radio.

And also on Wednesday a little interview will be posted (in Swedish of course) on aftonbladet.se. It should be a fun one. Met the producer out clubbing yesterday and she thought it was gonna be good...

So right now we're in the studio again, working with Jenny-Ann who is a singer, she is doing some choirs on At Times, it is sounding really good actually.

Read full entry @ Amit's site