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March 23, 2008 - New girlfriend for Amit?
RNDM [destroy]
Hotgossip has reported recently that Amit has a new girlfriend! Her name is Mina Sandhassel and here they are at Ambassadeur on March 12, 2008.

Source: Hotgossip

EDIT False news, Amit has confirmed Mina is only an old friend! /EDIT
RNDM [destroy]
Amit attended the Modette opening on April 11th with his new girlfriend, Helena Hammar, as well as the Christos Masters party next evening ... Read more...Collapse )
RNDM [destroy]
Amit's official site finally features a biography, check it out!

And a little insight on Amit's intimate life "...as a matter of fact I'm not seeing anyone at all right now." Amit can focus on his career for now, the girls will throw themselves at him sooner or later :P

Couple random images, thanks Marina!