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Amit-Paul.com • Fan Community
Your Amit source online!
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Really great news from Thommy @ Fangroup - Dead Frog Records has kindly added Amit's single "Stay" on sale at their site, they accept Paypal and shipping is included so you can get it ALL over the world! Visit the CD section @ Fangroup to learn about a SPECIAL surprise!

Also don't forget that AmitPaul.com will be launching its own online store, so I'm sure that single, and all others, will be available there. Happy shopping!

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April 09, 2007 - "Stay" on iTunes
RNDM [destroy]
You can get a copy of the "Stay" single on iTunes US! CLICK HERE!
January 11, 2007 - Rockbjörnen 2007!
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You can now listen to a live song on Amit's website, it's called "Something New", although Amit says he won't put this song on his debut record, he pretty much explains the song as trying to follow a different music sense.
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Amit left a message on A-Teens.com talking about his new solo and leaving us a new link to his Myspace profile where you can listen to 4 of his songs, check it out!
Hey guys.
I have been out of it for a while now, working real hard in the studio! But I finally got around to setting up some stuff on Myspace. Here you can hear some songs and I will be posting some blog entries untli my webpage comes up which should be more than two weeks but then again you never know.


spread the word! listen to the songs! add me!
I'll see you on myspace!
love u guys!