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July 28, 2007 - Fangroup videos!
RNDM [destroy]
Fangroup NO.1 was updated with couple videos from the meeting with Amit. The videos include performances of "Leaving", "My Elysium" and "Stay"! Also don't forget to catch the interview!

Get the videos here.
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Looks like the show yesterday went well. Amit seems satisfied :P
Anyways figured I'd at least upload a couple of pics from yesterdays show and meet and greet with fangroup no. 1. It was great! [read full blog on AmitPaul.com]

Amit met up with Fangroup for a special meeting, I can't tell you much more than that, but hopefully we'll see some merch available soon at the Fangroup website. Amit said:
After that I met up with the guys from fangroup no 1. Who had come all they way from Germany and England to see me and we were hanging out for about an hour, I singed a bunch of stuff for a some of you guys as well that Thommy will send out, and hopefully there will be a video clip up on the fangroup page soon... hopefully I will get to embed that here as well :).
RNDM [destroy]
Really great news from Thommy @ Fangroup - Dead Frog Records has kindly added Amit's single "Stay" on sale at their site, they accept Paypal and shipping is included so you can get it ALL over the world! Visit the CD section @ Fangroup to learn about a SPECIAL surprise!

Also don't forget that AmitPaul.com will be launching its own online store, so I'm sure that single, and all others, will be available there. Happy shopping!

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