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Amit on TV, album in January

Amit recently recorded two Swedish TV shows, Fråga Olle and Big Words. Big Words is airing today and will probably have re-runs on during the week.

Amit's album release has been pushed back to January! Read what he says in his blog:
At the moment I'm in the studio writing the last couple of tracks that I need for the album. Everything is pointing towards that we will be done and good for release (at least here in Sweden, but also digitally) the first weeks of 2008. I think it's gonna be amazing (surprise). I really love the stuff I'm into right now, it is fun to write and the lyrics are very personal to me. Read full blog @ MySpace
RNDM [destroy]

New look + Media section!

Hey guys, Amit @ LJ has a new look as well as a new additional address - it's AMIT-PAUL.COM! Easy to remember and part of Fangroup NO.1.

If you haven't checked it out already, the MEDIA section on Amit's official site is finally up! So far featuring couple images, and great pictures from his photo shoot.

Amit also mentioned that he was interviewed @ MTV Sweden and that will air sometime next week. Collapse )