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Amit's blog!

We're finally started! Music has been sent, phonecalls made and now were actually doing something usefull. It feels great! Really hyped about how this release will turn out. And I'm also psyched about Gstaadt tomorrow, it's gonna be great. I'm going with a big company (Bain) so there is alot planned and I'm bringing stuff I've never ever considered bringing to a ski vacation but I've heard that some people say that new experiences is good for you.

And I've started thinking about different PR-stunts I could pull for the release of the album. Anyone got any brilliant ideas? Too bad Radiohead took the "pay as much as you want" one first... I'm thinking along the lines of "pay only if you like it" If you don't then give it back. Combining that with some message about I'm really proud of the album or ofcourse you should be able to know what you're buying... ah. It's hard!

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Amit on TV, album in January

Amit recently recorded two Swedish TV shows, Fråga Olle and Big Words. Big Words is airing today and will probably have re-runs on during the week.

Amit's album release has been pushed back to January! Read what he says in his blog:
At the moment I'm in the studio writing the last couple of tracks that I need for the album. Everything is pointing towards that we will be done and good for release (at least here in Sweden, but also digitally) the first weeks of 2008. I think it's gonna be amazing (surprise). I really love the stuff I'm into right now, it is fun to write and the lyrics are very personal to me. Read full blog @ MySpace
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Kungsträdgården & FG meeting!

Looks like the show yesterday went well. Amit seems satisfied :P
Anyways figured I'd at least upload a couple of pics from yesterdays show and meet and greet with fangroup no. 1. It was great! [read full blog on AmitPaul.com]

Amit met up with Fangroup for a special meeting, I can't tell you much more than that, but hopefully we'll see some merch available soon at the Fangroup website. Amit said:
After that I met up with the guys from fangroup no 1. Who had come all they way from Germany and England to see me and we were hanging out for about an hour, I singed a bunch of stuff for a some of you guys as well that Thommy will send out, and hopefully there will be a video clip up on the fangroup page soon... hopefully I will get to embed that here as well :).
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New blog!

Amit updated his blog after a well deserved week break. He mentions couple things about his album, all production is completed, as well as the video for his second single, "My Elysium".
Work has been great, I haven't thought about it for a week. :)
Seriously the production is done which feels absolutely amazing. I'm on my way now to Malmö in the south of Sweden where we are gonna shoot a tv show. Bobster is on for 1900 in SVT 1 tonight . Otherwise we are looking into negotiating distribution deals now which is great fun, I'm thinking it will be nice. And also I'm gonna get an agent so that I can get out and do some shows.
Most recently there will be another release of single in may. My Elysium is coming out, and after that I'm probably gonna get another track out which you haven't heard at all yet, but it is really cool!

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Single out in 2 days!

Single "Stay" out this Wednesday the 28th! Check CDON.com to get your copy!

Here's what Amit says in his blog:
It's been a pretty busy week. Just preparing for this coming weeks little tour of Sweden where we are gonna play at different radio stations on Monday through Thursday. It's gonna be fun... a lot of singing in live radio.

And also on Wednesday a little interview will be posted (in Swedish of course) on aftonbladet.se. It should be a fun one. Met the producer out clubbing yesterday and she thought it was gonna be good...

So right now we're in the studio again, working with Jenny-Ann who is a singer, she is doing some choirs on At Times, it is sounding really good actually.

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Amit's official website - coming SOON!

So why I'm so busy with everything right now is mostly cause we are in the final yards of putting my page up... it's gonna be great but there was some panic the otherday when i saw the first page on the web and I realized that it wasn't as cool as I had hoped, but I think that is fixed by now. I think it's gonna be fun, alot of interactive stuff, a bunch of my music, stuff you've heard and stuff you haven't and the "real versions" and the demoes and some live stuff as well... and eventually there is gonna be a forum and a bunch of other things but for now it will be a blog and a musicsite, with lyrics and stories behind the songs and all... i think it's gonna be great!

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