January 30th, 2008

RNDM [destroy]

Amit's blog!

We're finally started! Music has been sent, phonecalls made and now were actually doing something usefull. It feels great! Really hyped about how this release will turn out. And I'm also psyched about Gstaadt tomorrow, it's gonna be great. I'm going with a big company (Bain) so there is alot planned and I'm bringing stuff I've never ever considered bringing to a ski vacation but I've heard that some people say that new experiences is good for you.

And I've started thinking about different PR-stunts I could pull for the release of the album. Anyone got any brilliant ideas? Too bad Radiohead took the "pay as much as you want" one first... I'm thinking along the lines of "pay only if you like it" If you don't then give it back. Combining that with some message about I'm really proud of the album or ofcourse you should be able to know what you're buying... ah. It's hard!

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