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__amatory_verse's Journal

A rating community for poems...
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to __amatory_verse...

Moderators: Meagan (pinched), Ben (gypsymuzikman), Scott (fatherfabulous)

Rules for applicants:

  1. Fill out the application below. It's short, so please don't be disappointing.
  2. In the subject line of your first post write —» "In my own words …"
  3. You will be stamped after approximately two days.
  4. Be prepared for possible harsh criticism. It's not meant to hurt, it's meant to be constructive. If moderators find the criticism overtly cruel, the person criticizing will be disciplined.
  5. If you answer "no" to the Quizno's question, you will most likely be shot or otherwise maimed by pixiesfan. Just a warning.
  6. You may not, under any circumstance, delete any comments or posts. Ask one of the moderators and they may do it for you if it is necessary. Necessary reasons to delete a post/comment (again, only a moderator may do this) include: sexual harassment, racism, personal threats, discrimination of any kind (ex: sexual orientation or age), or anything else that the moderators might qualify as offensive. Just because you get rejected, it does not give you the authority to delete a post or comment just because you can't handle rejection. Don't count on one of us to delete your application; even people who are rejected should be on display for other applicants to see what we expect here. Learn to deal with criticism; it's an essential element of being a mature writer. Failure to comply with this rule will result in you being banned and probably humiliated.


Just copy and paste what's in the text box … and supply your answers. (Brain surgery, I know.)

Rules for Members:

  1. When posting put something like this in the subject line —» stamped//[title of your poem &/or nature of your post] Identifying yourself as stamped// on all posts allows members to know you are an accepted member of this community.
  2. Be active! When someone posts a poem it's because they want feedback … give it to them. If the moderators see that you never comment, you'll be removed. And please don't keep using, "It's good, I like it," every time you comment on a poem. That does the poet no good. Compliments are nice, but please give reasons.
  3. If for some reason you get kicked out, you may apply again in one week.
  4. Participate in the themes. We don't post them for our health … they are a means to give you a new form to try.
  5. All poetry is welcome here. Light, dark, long, short, rhyming, free-verse, haiku, sexual, love, whatever — just keep posting.
  6. If a poem is sexually explicit, please put it behind a cut with a warning.
  7. As a result of increased participation in this forum, all poems MUST be put under a cut. In addition, line breaks are a critical artistic decision in poetry, and it's sad to see a poem mangled on the front page for lack of space for longer lines. See below for instructions.
  8. Promote! We're always looking for good poets.

    Promotion Banners:

  9. Don't steal people's work. If one of the moderators catches you, you'll be banned and we'll spread your suckage around to other poetry communities.
  10. One of the most important rules … obey the moderators. Comprende? We're not evil, we just enjoy this power maximally. ;-)
  11. Be courteous and respectful at all times. If you don't like a poem, be constructive or don't say anything.
  12. You may not, under any circumstance, delete any comments or posts. Ask one of the moderators and they may do it for you if it is necessary. Necessary reasons to delete a post/comment (again, only a moderator may do this) include: sexual harassment, racism, personal threats, discrimination of any kind (ex: sexual orientation or age), or anything else that the moderators might qualify as offensive. Receivig a critique you don't like does not give you the authority to delete a post or comment just because you can't handle criticism. Failure to comply with this rule will result in me humiliating you rather intensely, and then if you combat me (in other words, piss me off to a grand extent)/break this rule a second time, I will ban you and then humiliate you some more.

LJ-cut instructions:

Word to the Wise: Not that anyone in this community would steal your work; however, the law is clear. You must assert your copyright, or you have no legal standing in the event your work is stolen. Copyright is not a requirement, just a suggestion for your protection. Please remember this forum can be read by the public at large, and you never know what they might do.

Rules and Guidelines for Themes/Poet of the Month:

  1. Monthly, there will be a theme posted by one of the moderators. It will have something to do with expanding your poetry skills. They are for your benefit, not for our health … so please participate.
  2. When posting your poem for the Theme, please put something like this —» theme//"title of poem"
    in the subject line. If you fail to do this, your poem will not be recognized as your theme entry.
  3. Five days before the end of the month (for example, March 26), one of the moderators will make a post with either links to or copied theme poems from all of the participating members. The community will vote on the best poet. The poet to recieve the most votes will become Poet of the Month and will be featured on the Community Info page.
  4. In order to be considered for POM, you must vote. You may not vote for yourself. Duh.
  5. If there is a tie, the moderators will decide the winner.
  6. If you win Poet of the Month, please submit a final draft of your poem and a picture of yourself for the info page promptly … I'm talking within two days, ideally.
  7. The more often you participate, the broader your poetic skill will become. More important, the moderators will like you better. ^_~
  8. Have fun with themes and be creative!


baduizm33 for being a terrible "poet", disrespecting the community, mods, and it's members, and being disgusting.

ravenchronicles … *sigh* For throwing a hissy fit because she can't handle being rejected … twice.

youwontletmego for being immature, discriminatory, slanderous, and for deleting comments to her application because she cannot handle constructive criticism OR just plain verbal OWNAGE. It was an LJ-fight for the books … not that she's secure enough to let you see it … See below for an excellent parody of her.

poisonedxcherry for being a stupid, spoiled prat who is as shallow as spit on a hot sidewalk, when she has no right, and for violating community rules by deleting her post without permission from a moderator.

The Poet of the Month is …



I left you and I’m not sorry.

I opened your blue eyes and
pushed in my truth until
you ached with it.

Its odd to think of you
sitting alone in your room,
hand on your chin as you
stare at the white brick walls,

strange to think of you
genuinely feeling
sorrow or pain,
tears slipping down your cheeks,
hot, cutting knot in your throat.

Your anger steps in,
fiery and scorching,
in lieu of your grief.

I walked through your fire
and let you cut me with the
sheer of your glass syllables
for two years before I stopped you.

I paid enough for you to
adorn your heart with gilded walls,
and behind this gold and stone
you hide beneath the layers of
thick and cloak-like pain.

Yes, I left you and I’m not sorry.
Quell your anger,
summon your strength -
abandon your memory of me.


And as an example of bad behavior …

This is what happens when you provoke people with your infernal ignorance. You are humiliated quite hilariously. We hate to continue to pillory this individual, but she persists in violating the policies of this community, and continues to delete comments not favorable to her "work." The moderators believe we now have prevented any more mischief from this immature prat, but time will tell.

In response to youwontletmego's application and corresponding comments, located here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/__amatory_verse/105157.html …:

For more suckage from this so-called writer, go here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/onlythesewords/69190.html

The original, offending effort by youwontletmego:

Aroma of Amourousness

Once when I was younger,
The scent of us,
Brought waves of pleasure to my soul.

To inhale a memory
Is a feat most never try.

But I believe in the mantra of the senses.
I rely most heavily on the sensory hairs
Absorb the odor and transmit messages to my mind.

The fragrance of our memoirs
Is the spice of my life.

The parody:

Nose Hairs
By: the most Fabulous Father who ever lived, and my personal faybrite, fatherfabulous

Oh nose, o holy nose
with strawberry blond hairs.
Those nose hairs of memory,
the memory of your BO,
the memory of your unwashed
genitals stored in my nose hairs.
Hairs of glory, falling
in dreadlocks from my
nostrils. Holy nose hairs.
I will braid them as I remember
the smell of your armpits,
my nose and its hairs so
love soul freedom justice
hairs. I savor the hairs
of my mantra nose, my holy
nose, with hairs of gold
falling out of my olfactory
orifice. Nose hairs. My
They will not be mocked,
the hairs from my nose.
Worship them, for they are
the memory of your stench,
my hairs wrap around you,
those hairs from my nose.
They comfort you, those
hairs from my nose.
Nose hairs, the answer to life
the answer to memory
as my brain turns to
mush and is replaced by
nose hairs. Holy nose hairs.
Sniff my nose. The hairs of
my nose, that no one dares
smell, for they are stankier
than Whoopi Goldberg's hair,
those hairs from my nose.
Under the bed, hairs from my nose.
In my soup, hairs from my nose.
On the schoolbus, hairs from my nose.
In the buggers I pick,
Remember my nose hairs of
memory, for they are the
memory of your stank,
your crank. It's all stored
in the hairs from my nose.