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Greetings. :D 
11:36pm 10/06/2005
  In my own words...Collapse )  
10|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
07:07am 10/06/2005
  This could possibly be something interestingCollapse )  
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05:13pm 08/06/2005
mood: artistic
+ or - ? Collapse )
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mod//theme idea 
01:32am 08/06/2005
  I'm thinking of doing narrative poems for the next theme. It's basically telling a story. Traditionally, there aren't any stanza breaks...but rules are sometimes meant to be broken. I have included a (very bad) example...tell me what you think and if you would participate if I made it a theme. <3

Unknown UnbelieverCollapse )
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06:25am 07/06/2005
mood: Lost
Out of my mindCollapse )
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mod//another community 
04:45pm 06/06/2005
mood: hopeful
Hi guys. I just made another community. It's not all about poetry, but poetry is potentially involved. It's a traveling journal community. Just...check out the user info to find out exactly what it's about. I think a lot of you might like the project. No one has joined yet, so it's wide open for you all. I would like to do this with people I know pretty well and trust...so you guys are good starting candidates. There's a test post in the comm right now...just ignore that.


Thanks for checking it out, if you do. Please feel free to let me know what you think about the project.

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10:31pm 05/06/2005
  Theme winner is: redskydecline.

Submit a photo and a revised version of your poem if you feel the need.


P.S. You guys who don't vote. Yeah, you're slackers.
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mod//I complain a lot 
02:21am 05/06/2005
  There are 20 members in this community. Why is it that only 8 of you vote for theme? I'll count votes tomorrow. This means that you have yet another day. You slacker.  
07:32pm 04/06/2005
  I miss Faybright.  
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mod//My Mother's Daughter 
07:11pm 04/06/2005
  My Mother's Daughter...first draftCollapse )  
03:40pm 03/06/2005
  More votes for POM: http://www.livejournal.com/community/__amatory_verse/124776.html

mod//voting today 
05:20pm 01/06/2005
  We need more votes here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/__amatory_verse/122322.html

Vote for one of the following in the subject line of a comment to this post, blahblahblah.Collapse )
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"In my own words..." 
04:16pm 01/06/2005
  i'm through choking and suffocating on alter egos and alter motivesCollapse )  
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stamped // attempt at the theme 
09:02pm 31/05/2005
  the wonder of the themeCollapse )  
4|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
11:45pm 29/05/2005
  Hey guys. Please submit your themes for June soon. We're doing POM a little differently now. Instead of doing themes at the end of the month, we're going to do them at the beginning. I think it makes more sense that way. This way, the info page doesn't say "POM for June is soandso" all throughout July. Si?

Yes. Enough explanation. Voting will begin on the 1st of June and will conclude on...the 3rd. Thanks.
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mod// Post-Fight #3 
11:49pm 27/05/2005
mood: numb
FIRST DRAFT: Post-Fight #3Collapse )
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stamped//Contrary Beliefs 
11:51pm 27/05/2005

this is the first day of my lifeCollapse )

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In MY own words... 
12:08am 27/05/2005
mood: accomplished
anxious and anticipitory.Collapse )
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in my own words... 
07:39pm 25/05/2005
mood: thinking....
you sing what i cant speak because i have mastered the art of fumbling with words.Collapse )
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Awesome Core 
05:42pm 24/05/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  
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in my own words 
11:33am 24/05/2005
  It seems to me if you can't trust, You can't be trusted.Collapse )  
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"In my own words …" 
08:11pm 23/05/2005
  Realism is the tragedy of a broken teacup.Collapse )  
10|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
06:48pm 21/05/2005
  I don't want to be a loser..Collapse )  
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mod//theme reminder 
05:36pm 20/05/2005
  Theme for June is HERE.

Non-losers do the theme. ^_^
09:56am 18/05/2005

well nothing sfiffy is going to go here..but the word sfiffyCollapse )

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Mod//this is rediculously disappointing. 
03:57pm 14/05/2005
  Well...wow. We went from 63 members, I think...to 15. We seem to have weeded out all of the people who refuse to participate, even when given ample time.

I do encourage all of you who have been removed to reapply. I will also be promoting pretty hard, so we should get a lot of new members soon.

The remaining members are:Collapse )

If, for whatever reason, I missed you just comment here (or, if it won't let you, email me at meagaloo@insightbb.com) and I'll add you back.

The Poet Of The Month for May is: see_you_around
Congrats. Please submit a picture or something of the visual persuasion for info-page purposes. You may also make any changes that you wish on your poem and submit that as well. All of the above in a comment to this post, please.

The next theme will be announced June 1st or somewhere around there.

Thank to everyone who participated. ♥ - Meagan
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Poem Poetry Song Er Dong 
08:58pm 12/05/2005
  Causal NexusCollapse )  
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mod//yet another reminder 
07:16pm 11/05/2005
  Today is your last day to go here and vote for POM.

If you fail to do so, you will be removed from the community and forced to reapply. Thanks, guys.
08:48pm 09/05/2005
  You have two days (until Tuesday at 12am) to go here and vote for POM.

If you fail to do so, you will be removed from the community and forced to reapply. Thanks, guys.
mod//Here's my compromise 
02:28pm 07/05/2005

I am coming back part time. Here's how I'm going to handle things until life calms down for me. I will provide extensive critiques of poems I thing are really, really going somewhere. If I think -- even for a minute -- that a piece has not been adequately thought through, I won't comment. Don't take it personally; it's just how it has to be for now. If a piece has potential, but you've brought it to us not thoroughly worked out, I will make general constructive commentary. I will try to check in a couple of times a week, and I will try not to miss an opportunity to say when something is fantastic. If I say it's fantastic, I mean it.

Of course, those of you who know me already know this. Those of you who haven't basked in my fabulousness, or tasted my minty-fresh fecal matter, I hope we get to know each other soon.


PS -- Thanks for the kick in the butt, Steph.
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THEME// "be sure to write" 
09:23pm 04/05/2005
mood: nervous
This isn't one of my better poems, but I thought the theme was worth a try.
listCollapse )

poemCollapse )
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mod//new theme 
09:46pm 03/05/2005
mood: hopeful
So...while I'm on a roll today, I might as well post a new theme. I hope that this will envoke a lot of participants. It would be beneficial to try, at least.

The month's theme and competition for POM for April is: Abandonment

1. Write a list of ways in which you have left someone or something.
2. Write down (at least) 4 things that you like about leaving and (at least) 5 things that you hate about it.
3. Write a list of ways someone has left you.
4. Include situations from long-ago.
5. You may include some that are not true.
6. Now, using these lists of ideas, write your poem.
7. The style, structure, etc is up to you. You do not have to use ALL of this information, the lists are to inspire you more than anything else.

Lists can be very helpful, especially in organizing your thoughts and figuring out what you want to say before you write your poem. I'm sure that we've all expirienced a decent start and then the frustrating dissipation of a poem, or, basically "running out of juice." If you plan ahead (brainstorming with lists, freewriting, etc) you'll be more organized and can think more clearly about your subject as you're writing. I hope this is successful for everyone. ^_~

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mod// POM voting begins today. 
06:20pm 03/05/2005
  Sorry for the inactivity. I'm busy. I have no other excuse.

Hmmm, well. We're going to try something new this time around. This is for POM for May, by the way.

- IF YOU DO NOT VOTE THIS MONTH, YOU WILL BE OUSTED FROM THE COMMUNITY. Kapish? I'm tired of only 4 people voting...soooooooo, if you want to be here, you'll participate. Simple as that. No, I probably won't do this every month.

- The voting will take place over the next five days.

- Vote for your favorite. If you don't remember what the theme was, go back and find it. ^_~

- You know the drill. Vote in the comment subject, a reason or two why in the comment body.

- The entires are HereCollapse ). They are also few.

Ready, set, go.
20|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
01:41pm 02/05/2005
  There is an application that only Elizabeth and I have voted on, there are poems being virtually ignored, with only one or two people commenting on them. This community is becoming comatose. What's happening?

I love this community. Please, people. Post, comment, and vote. This is *your* community, and if you're not active in it, then it's going to go down. We can't rely on the moderators to do all the work.
3|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
12:35pm 02/05/2005
  what does one make of a prolific flurry? an epic slice of time where the body is wholly convinced of divinity itself posessing the mind's functions and memory's experience?

i want all the lies and spinful banter to cease, where every dimension, every continguous aspect one may fancy the world looks best in, would just collapse!: into a finer mess of bland and pallid conflict, where the worst case scenario is using up more time... wasting more time...

you can open your wallet - or what-have-you that holds the most of your money - and find every lost piece of past that has consumed your share of time

here is evidence of the mind as a cosuming force, as leviathan of life's journey: allow, if you would, allow yourself to find for yourself an image that you would relate to time as a tasty dish, and your body - your body! - and it's byzantine, myriad functions processing itself over time, can you see? i doubt it

all the veined vectors of fluids jetting as pressure would dictate the travel of oxygens, nitrates, iron as per every individual vessel in one's blood: have you seen the images? the pictures of what your blood looks like? from a microscopic angle?

how did we ever manage to capture such an image? those donuts, rounded vessels of continuing life, again, over time working with parts of your body, relative to a scale of macroscopic size, to just function. tiny little moving parts driving the consciousness you could easily test for yourself by seeking out something completely random... do it now

find something close to you that just happens to be within your sight, turn your head if you have to: examine it. imagine its shape when you're not looking, wonder how the atomic pieces that comprise its subsistence have made their journeys to your room, or wherever

is that special? of course not! this happens everyday, and who am i preach sacrosanctity in the everyday? in the everpresent?: plastic, radio waves, cement, metal, rubber, grease

enjoy the day! though, while you still can! i could say

how would you have me say it?

how would you have me...?
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In my own words … 
09:45pm 01/05/2005
  A path long forgotten, shaded from all light.Collapse )  
8|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
01:20pm 01/05/2005
  read it through before you kill me...

clichesCollapse )
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In My Own Words 
01:18am 29/04/2005
  Simply here to entertain.Collapse )  
10|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
09:38pm 24/04/2005
mood: anxious
I sat myself down and would not leave my position until I'd written something. Here it is, it is a first draft, it is lacking. With that in mind, I give you ...

If There is Reason to Fear GodCollapse )
3|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
08:58pm 24/04/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  
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mod//here's something called "Naked" 
03:53pm 24/04/2005
  Yes, Father Fabulous has a past ...Collapse )  
4|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
01:57pm 24/04/2005
mood: cheerful

better late than neverCollapse )

2|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
06:15pm 22/04/2005
mood: aggravated
I am very bitter.

I have writer's block.
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stamped // first draft! whoo-hoo! 
11:42am 21/04/2005
  I swear I will post something for the theme of the month later tonight. I have it on my computer, I just am not currently at my computer. I'm at work. Anyway, here is another poem. Any suggestions would be very welcome and appreciated. I know it needs work.

GlanceCollapse )
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stamped//Shaded Immortality 
02:49pm 20/04/2005
mood: hot
first draft :-*
Shaded ImmortalityCollapse )
8|Perfect Sonnets| Speak?
08:11pm 16/04/2005
mood: upset
first draft, lemme know!
TimeCollapse )
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mod//OT: Computer Dying Slowly 
05:47pm 16/04/2005
  New one on the way. At least this one will have the letter on the keyboard. I wore all the letters off this one.

Bear with me, folks.

The Proper Technique 
08:46pm 13/04/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  
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first darft// no title 
05:09pm 13/04/2005

Dear FF,

I was kinda scared of what you might say, and had dedicated my last weeks (months??) to writing in spanish only... but then i decided that was stupid, because it was like running away.

Even though english isn't and will never be my language, i want to give this a try.... and improve.


no titleCollapse )

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In my own words 
07:04pm 13/04/2005
mood: confused
ApplicationCollapse )
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