mod//theme idea

I'm thinking of doing narrative poems for the next theme. It's basically telling a story. Traditionally, there aren't any stanza breaks...but rules are sometimes meant to be broken. I have included a (very bad) example...tell me what you think and if you would participate if I made it a theme. <3

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mod//another community

Hi guys. I just made another community. It's not all about poetry, but poetry is potentially involved. It's a traveling journal community. Just...check out the user info to find out exactly what it's about. I think a lot of you might like the project. No one has joined yet, so it's wide open for you all. I would like to do this with people I know pretty well and you guys are good starting candidates. There's a test post in the comm right now...just ignore that.


Thanks for checking it out, if you do. Please feel free to let me know what you think about the project.

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