June 12th, 2005

For those of you who might miss it, more verbal ownage from Faybright

An open letter to the purveyor of the obscene community, a_nicer_breed. I'm not putting this behind a cut, because I want to ensure any other subhuman who would think of sliming this dignified community with such vile and obvious fascism/Nazism sees the verbal ownage that will occur when you're a shallow, stupid, spolied whore who lacks the education to understand that "A nicer breed" of human is a purely Nazi concept, and a dangerous way to think:


I concur with Meg. You can deny it all you want, but your information page makes it clear what you are doing. If you really thought your creating a community for "a nicer breed" of human is OK, you'd do it in the cold light of day, rather than hide behind a members-only shield:

Example 1 of your foulness:

Rules for Members

- Give constructive criticism.

- Do not be overly harsh.

- Never say "fat" or "ugly".

- List at least one reason behind your vote.

Translation: Find a "nicer" way to say, "You're too fat and ugly for this community."

Example 2 of your foulness:

"My main goal of the community is to create a place for people to share anything they wish. The 'rating' aspect is only enforced to keep out the people that we don't feel belong."

Translation: "If you don't meet our standards of beauty, you will be thrown out on your ear, because we are exclusionary and conceited and better than people we, in our sole discretion, deem to be fat and ugly."

Example 3 of your foulness:

Post at least five clear pictures

Translation: "We'll ask you some personality/intelligence questions as a cover, but we need five clear looks at you to determine if you belong, because, of course, it's how you look that really matters."

It's all part and parcel of this shameful reality-TV-based dehumanization of people that I find so goddamn offensive. AS IF the fact that one is not blessed with the genetically accidental accouterments of physical beauty means that one is somehow lacking: 1) one of the 46 chromosomes we all have; and 2) feelings.

But oh, don't take our judging you personally!

Frankly, my dear, having reviewed your page, you don't have the intelligence/beauty/personality platform to be running such a vile "community." Since I have never lacked for physical beauty, and have in fact spent a lifetime attempting to overcome my physical appearance and to be taken seriously for my intelligence and ability, I shall, in the spirit of your community's rules, provide you with my polite and honest feedback so you may see how it feels. And of course, you shouldn't take any of this honest assessment personally:

Your hair is really quite a mess. How about a *nice* haircut, perhaps some highlights? The nose ring has to go; it looks like a big bugger hanging out of your olfactory orifice. In addition, I am very sorry to have to say that your nose is really quite large -- too large to be putting a stud into it in order to draw attention to its gargantuan nature. Rhinoplasty is most affordable these days. Look into it. Finally, you also need a class in applying make-up, because yours is tragic -- especially the tacky blue eye shadow. It's 2005, and you are no Paris Hilton. Try something in the earth tones without a shimmer, which you cannot carry off. When you can't do flash, you really ought to default to refined and classy.

I also question the fact that you feel you must seek Internet reinforcement for your self-esteem -- truly a sign of a sick personality, so you lose points there as well.

Furthermore, your intellectual inability to realize precisely what it is that you are doing with your "community" makes me question your intelligence. Chalk up another demerit for you.

Wow! Looks like you don't belong in your own community.

And finally, I will post some recent photographs of yours truly:

(See actual entry for photos)