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In my own words...

Name: Melisande
sex: Just a sec... Female.
age: 15
Tell us the most important thing about you: I'm not sure who I am.
Tell us one thing that you can't live without: My eyes. Because then I wouldn't be able to read books or poems, which I love.
Who's your favorite poet and why?: Emily Brönte. Her poems are very simple and clear, and not cluttered by complicated forms of language. She lived isolated and miserably, but her poems are filled with dreams of love.
Describe yourself using only words. No pictures, please.: I'm a girl, with all that comes with being a girl. My eyes are green, and my hair is brown and my legs are long. When I love someone, even if just as a friend, it hurts.
pixiesfan wants to know, do you like Quizno's?: Who doesn't?
Give us an e-mail address where we can contact you (optional):
Post one poem:


Pale pink lips
forest far from
Party crowded
Dancing tight
Dress girl’s
hair softest smell
the forest
Bare feet
warm hands
try feel
Wind in silk
I care
For you so
Bruised by
Branch be mine
Away blue on
Pale pink lips
Don’t stop

Promote us to at least one community and leave us the link. (I don't want to fill other people's communities with tons of promos for this one. That's kind of rude. Promote us anywhere but where we found you. Thanks):
Out of curiousity, how did you find us?: I searched 'feedback' and your community name interested me.

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