Jared Dillon (pixiesfan) wrote in __amatory_verse,
Jared Dillon

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Thirty Dollar Bill

Eyes plastered against raw window panes
Confetti of past surrounds my dullness
Inhaling the choke of preceded yearning
On the ceramics of a dusty floor
In a hail of spewed self-benevolence
My splintered form is diluted too gags
Displays of overt emotion aimed
To a carousel of past amusements:

Her hair drooped over one eye,
Above the turmoil of figurines
Palms ripe with the virginity
Of stagnant effort

I look between the binding of two novels
And I see the naked heart of time
Her lengthy limbs cascaded over a globe of once
Reaching to my cheek, I wipe away her scabbed kisses
And spit on her weary gown

Yet her hands still stretch out
Beneath a weight of vile antiquities

And in the question of her devotion
I find my splinters made whole
Prospects and proofs knit with fate
Fervor and benignity dry with seasons
Seasons misplaced in a globe of once
I felt my snivels pure of root

Yet I feel her starkness in every step
And my knowing wet with reason
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