meagan. (pinched) wrote in __amatory_verse,

draft . . . Moth

Here's a first draft that sucks ass. Give it to me.

Swing low, sweet chariot,
I'm ready to die.
Ready to move backward,
into my cocoon until next summer,
I'll wait to metamorphosis and
come back to life.

Here I am again,
I've been gone a long time,
lost, then redefined
by your tremendous eyes.
Your hands have been harboring
my delicate frame for miles,
so now I'm on fire

because your disarming beauty
frightens me, it
sends me spinning
like you've clipped my wings.
Little boy with my flight in your hands:
Let me tell you something
about beauty,
about being that pretty,

it is awful.
I'm just a moth, nothing special.
You're a king, and the world
is your castle,
while I'm trapped in your grasp,
ugly and torn,
nothing more.

So let me go.
I'll die again, alone.
I'll go back
to where I was before
you stole me into beauty,
before you looked at me,
and lied to me
with your tremendous eyes,
those careless promises.

Copyright: Meagan Jeanette 2006
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