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Dan and Laurie in The Gunga Diner

I met her in El Alamein
She looked awkward,
Flinching and scraping her nails,
Next too true beauties

A friend said she had a crush
So I tried to be nice
But showed no interest,

She was an attractive girl
Her body misshapen, but
Correctly curvy.
Her breasts hung loose
Not ample like most.
Her nose and lips
Stained red like
Losts mittens
Drifts of snow
Her legs, chicken wire
Without a home to wrap themselves around

She talked to me twice
In scorching literary heat
Both times
Her sarcast stained monotone
An oasis

I read her poetry, clutched
In spite and every other ingredient
A strange unique girl
Is suppose to possess

I left the desert
With her barren sex
Pinned heavy on the bud of my nipple

Two years later,
I felt a pinch in my chest
I took off my shirt and folded it
In Vienna’s boisterous streets
And in linear fashion
I heard scattered voices
And followed their vowels to her fingertips

Her fingers tips,
Above them her chest swayed
Like scarecrow limbs

I dreamt of how many times I had made love
And out of my mouth poured an ounce of sand

El Alamein
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