poets_hand (poets_hand) wrote in __amatory_verse,

I'm back after a long absence

This is a rough draft. Suggestions welcome

Be Prepared to Stop

The highway signs at exit 225's
pixelated letters urge me to "Slow Down"
and "Be Prepared to Stop".
But I can't stop because that would
make it real--

would take the patient with the
tubes snaking her trachea and put
the face back in its place at the
kitchen table with a cigarette
and a cup of coffee offering advice
how long to wait
for the better interest rate--

would take the purpled hands
with the sandbag bands and
put them back
where they smack a bottom
or wipe a nose
or fold all those midnight clothes.

To make it real would
make it mine
that I didn't get her on the line
in time to save the vein
that rained through her brain--

would make it hers
where I want to scream the words
that she never heard--
Be Prepared to Stop.

©Copyright Stephanie L. Soder
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