Jared Dillon (pixiesfan) wrote in __amatory_verse,
Jared Dillon

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Thirty Dollar Bill

Like Angels Ought to Smell

Careless waves crashing against raw breath
Graceful guts spilled into unkept seas
Surreal copulation on wet ardor
Useless attempts washed against bare shores
Ocean air, open skies, inhaling your scent

I’ve been holstering my weapon far too long
Passive in nature, but the safety has been off for days
Nightly self desecrating the pristine trigger
I watch my guillotine empty and then gently decay

My head rested on a bemused mast
Questioning the sagacious air around
“When, pearly white, will you devour me?”
A sincere sail drifting constantly
I watch and float into a placid sleep
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