meagan. (pinched) wrote in __amatory_verse,

mod//unmodding myself

Who wants my job?

I may come back and be mod again, if you'll take me...but only when I actually have time, and if you need me.

You guys who want to be mod (this place needs serious advertisement, by the way), need to be willing to put time into this. Comment here if you're interested and Ben and Scott (if they're still listening), will decide together who'll be the third mod and/or if they require a third at all. I suggest three mods for tie-breakers and that sort of thing if you plan on continuing POM and such. You could always turn this into an open forum, but in that case, there will be a lot of CRAP here. But that's just my opinion...

Good luck. I'll be around. I'll fill out an application of you guys want me to?

♥ - Meagan
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