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stamped//Double Time

Two-thirty AM
Sleep eludes and the muse taunts
Blank stares on blank pages
Empty lead and silent keys
An idle clock and mouse
Thoughtless strum of fingers
Itching to create
They reach for distraction
And pull it close
Flickers of light and shadow
Dance among delirium
Inhale inspiration and exhale
Fill the room with
A Writer's Smoke

copyright jaclyn thompson 2005

Empty spaces,
where you should be.
Silent tears,
you should catch.
Hollow sheets,
you should fill.
Cold chills,
your heat should ward away.
Screaming nightmares,
your voice should soothe.
Vacant mugs,
your hands should hold.
Silly slippers,
your feet should slide.
Playful glances,
your eyes should catch.
Warm kisses,
you should meet.
Absent presence,
you leave me with.
Empty spaces,
are all I have.

copyright jaclyn thompson 2005

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