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New Love Poem

I tried. I know that the punctuation is non existent, but, I am trying to escape my writers block. I hope yall enjoy it.

Como se dice "Love" en espanol

I'm on a white cloud
Soaring high above yesterday
Ginseng bursts of energy explode
Deep inside of my chest
This is not artificial
It's an all natural feeling
Bubbling and boiling
It tastes like hot chocolate
and its smooth like velvet
Pure frozen concentrate

This is how I feel when I look into your eyes
They are 2 pools of brown sugar and cinnamon
This is how you make me feel when you whisper in my ear
Your voice is so clean and crisp
Like Glade Clean Linen
My favorite smell
I am topsy turvy
Fudge brownie and molten lava
Soft as cotton
Pure frozen concentrate

This is how it feels to fall into your arms
I hope you understand
Como se dice "Love" en espanol?
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