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A Warning to Holden Caulfields

The world will soon tire of its Holden Caulfields. They are not interesting - they are predictable and devoid of spark, of life, so bored by their parents money, so unappreciative of hteir lives' comfort and ease. They hide behind their pseudophilosophies, false plans, phony emotions.

The world needs no more Holden Caulfields. Snobby hypocrits who affect every feeling, drinking their black coffee and whining about their latest superficially existential crisis. Blind to their own good fortune and potential. Deaf to the pains and crises of others.

The world will rise up against its Holden Caulfields. They will be resented for their upper-middle class elitism and shunned for their lack of initiative and pity-me nature. The rich will out-snob them and the poor will out-work them. They will have no catcher to stop their fall.

One day Holden Caulfield will just be a character in a self-indulgent book.

Unpublished work © 2005, L.A. Decker
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