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Hi guys. I feel like doing something to get all of us involved in something poetic. So...I think that we should do a renga. A renga, for those of you who don't know, is when a group of poets create a linked tanka.

A tanka is a Japanese syllabic form, composed of 5 lines and arranged into a tercet (3 line stanza), followed by a break and then the final couplet. Here is what it would look like, note the syllable count in each line:

line syllables

1. xxxxx (5)
2. xxxxxxx (7)
3. xxxxx (5)

4. xxxxxxx (7)
5. xxxxxxx (7)

When you repeat this form, it becomes a linked tanka. It doesn't have to rhyme or anything. What we'll do is go one line at a time. You can add more than one line, but not in succession. This way, we'll be forced to play off of each other. I'll start with the first line, and then you guys can begin adding your lines in comments to this post. Please pay attention to the form and keep everything making sense. When I feel everyone who wants a chance has gotten one, and that we've achieved some sort of ending, I'll end the renga and post the final result.

Interesting, nay?

The first line is:

It's going to be
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