L.A. Decker (redskydecline) wrote in __amatory_verse,
L.A. Decker

stamped // The Walking Mood

Any suggestions would be very helpful and very appreciated! I hope it isn't too hot wherever you guys are (it's really freaking hot and humid where I am).

You have come to me again –
deigned to include me in your games,
to let me see the workings of your mind
so that I can spill your image onto paper,
my ink flowing once again.

You have been gone for too long,
and now I see why –
your glacial eyes and
Peter Pan smile
must have taken time to find
a yearning mind like mine.

True to form, in your formlessness,
you are much changed
from when we last met –
yet you never have been the same once,
and I feel this must be so.

I can feel your exuberance,
your good use of life.
You are a true flirt –
amiable and suggestive
without being sexual
or aggressive.

I can feel you drawing out in me
what I have tried to hide
behind polysyllables and smirks,
your fingers playfully brushing
the dust off of my youth.

I can feel it in the balls of my feet,
the muscles of my strong calves –
the walking mood,
my legs and feet restless,
my mind on the path by the river.

We walk by the river,
through the wet green grass
and the smooth sand,
the nearly transparent
bottle green of the water
is reflected in your eyes.

This river speaks to us,
burbling and bubbling
as you make me smile
and I make you blush,
all harmless and innocent.

Perhaps this time,
in this form, this body,
you will be too tempted,
you will stay or ask me not to go.

Perhaps in this walking mood
we will turn from the river,
eyes drifting from green to navy,
and walk side by side
through the stars to your home
and grow young together.

Unpublished work © 2005, L.A. Decker
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