she__sings (she__sings) wrote in __amatory_verse,

Well, here's something anyway...

I had an idea, I went with it, but as always... it sucked hardcore. I need major help. There seems to be little rythm, only this big ol'metaphor that doesn't go too far. help. me?

I serve myself up to you,
on a plastic platter
though you deserve silver,
it's the best i can do.

here you can feast upon my features
feed your deepest desires
all i have to offer,
is all you have to dine.

take apart my toes,
that people have admired
for being the same size,
I hate feet anyway,
take them away.

travel upwards, but
skip my thighs,
they never fit well with this
slender body
and tiny calves.

I've been told,
you could gaze into my eyes for days,
devour them whole.
barely taste them,
swallow them up.

take a fork to my breasts
sample for a moment,
not enough to feed you,
I know--
but perhaps they can please you
for a while.

smooth out my hair,
untangle the curls
you despise so much.
with everything else on your plate,
you tolerate a few distractions.
suck them up, take them away.

take me into you, piece by piece.
strip me down to my bones
before you're through.
cut into me and heaven forbid,
you take your time
to taste me,
a little more.
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