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stamped // Ode to Mother and Her Literary Lover (working title)

I did this for the theme awhile ago but never submitted it (I had to check the titles of some of the things I reference). I know the title sucks, but I'm working on it. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated because I know that it needs a lot of work. Thanks!

Ode to Mother and Her Literary Lover

It was a clean
well-lighted place.

She is submersing her
short, bony body
in the pale yellow liquid,
foamy and bubbling.

She sees his reflection
enter through the wide door
and draws in a quick breath
as he slides onto the stool beside her.

He orders something clear,
his fingers streaking through
the light condensation,
frost over transparence.

Her elbow, sharp and
angular, the skin like
baguette, the perfect shade
of tan, nearly touches his.

She feels the electricity
jumping back and forth
from skin to skin,
the hairs at taut attention.

He turns to her,
suffocating her with his
liquid breath –
he is pickled with it.

She sees his hands;
the waking moon shines upon them now
but she is reminded that
the sun also rises.

“Nick Adams,” he slurs,
“Nice to meet you.”

He holds out his clean,
baby-soft working hands,
waiting for the hand –

She smirks, seeing through his
pseudonym, the name of the
character he is finding tonight,
his hand on her knee.

“You’re just a big
two-hearted liar,” she glares.

She slips off her stool,
her legs catching her before
she hits the floor,
and stumbles out.

She knows that
she will not return,
her pride hurt
by an insult unknown.

It used to be her clean,
well-lighted place.

p.s. I'm really psyched for the upcoming theme!
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