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Greetings. :D

Name: Kittynish
sex: Female
age: 19
Tell us the most important thing about you: I am obsessive, especially over things such as bubblewrap and pixie stix.
Tell us one thing that you can't live without: Chocolate and peanut butter.
Who's your favorite poet and why?: I'd day Alfred Lord Tennyson... I loved Charge of the Light Brigrade and The Lady of Shalott.
Describe yourself using only words. No pictures, please.: indecisive, glorified, panicky and hypocritical, a strange little girl.
pixiesfan wants to know, do you like Quizno's?: I think it was the Quizno's rats that hooked me right off the bat. =^_^=
Give us an e-mail address where we can contact you (optional):
Post one poem:

I met a little girl one day
She gave a bitter smile
She clutched her teddy to her chest
And said, "It's been a while,
I'm sorry I had to leave you,
I got a little lost,
I knew I had to go away,
But I didn't know the cost."

Her blue eyes looked me over
To see the damage done
I'd tried to be courageous
But the battle years had won
My lips were swollen, blue and bruised
My eyes had faded black
I hadn't talked in years it seemed
My broken jaw was slack
My fingers couldn't move at all
They lingered at my side
My face was raw and ghostly white
From all the times I'd cried

Her own eyes filled up with tears
It caused my heart to ache
She gently put my hand in hers
For fear that I would break
She said, "You should have told me,
I would have found you had I knew...
But my first name is Faith.
And I had always Faith in you."

My weary legs gave out on me
I fell down at her side
I held her tightly to my chest
And hugged her ‘till I cried
After a while, days it seemed,
My tears had ceased to flow
She helped me up and walked with me
Her teddy bear in tow

"Never forget," she whispered,
As she handed me the bear
"Even though you may lose me sometimes,
When you need me, I am there."
She smiled again that bitter smile
Then closed her deep blue eyes
I couldn't fathom how so little a girl
Could obviously be so wise
And then she walked away from me
I watched her from behind
She stumbled over her white dress
And I understood: Faith was blind.

To this day I'll never know
How she knew my wounds were there
But when I feel I am losing Faith
I just hug her teddy bear

Promote us to at least one community and leave us the link. (I don't want to fill other people's communities with tons of promos for this one. That's kind of rude. Promote us anywhere but where we found you. Thanks): glamourbombs
Out of curiousity, how did you find us?: Beingsoflegend

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