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I wrote this right now about how I am feeling about a situation. I KNOW I need puntuation help. I suck at punctuation. If someone could help me with that I would love yall. Tell me what you think.

There is this void
It is dark and black and
Torturing my intestines
This poking
This nagging
This incessant beating
I keep a smile on my face
Giggles escape my mouth to cover my shame
I have lost myself inside of it
That void
Dark and black
He's breathing down my neck
I am forgetting who I am
Just 5 minutes more
It'll be over
I asked for it
I asked for it right?
I asked to lose myself tonight
And instead of filling what I thought needed to be filled
The black hole just got deeper

With my eyes closed
I picture the golden shell
That holds the happiest place on earth
He has my heart in his hands
He knows it
I love it
But he's leaving
And there is nothing I can do
But lye here
On my back back
Listening to this breathing
Harder and harder
It'll be over
I asked for it
I asked to leave myself, right?

All I need to fill this hole
Is a smile from inside the shell
But I have to come to grips with the fact that it's leaving
And all I will have left
Is this void
That I created
That I am creating
Out of my mind

Unpublished work copyright 2005: Vanessa Hamedi

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