L.A. Decker (redskydecline) wrote in __amatory_verse,
L.A. Decker

stamped // attempt at the theme

1. Write a list of ways in which you have left someone or something.
told him the truth until it hurt
opened his eyes when they should have remained closed
lied to hurt him more
gave him an excuse to hate me in hopes of making it easier for him
bad timing
let it go on too long so it was messy to leave
ironically, left him to stop the lies, start anew
2. Write down (at least) 4 things that you like about leaving and (at least) 5 things that you hate about it.
I like:
feeling free
knowing I said exactly what I wanted to for three years
meeting the next Mr. Right
seeing myself as an individual
I don’t like:
angry phone calls
backstabbing friends
being “the ice bitch”
inability to ever have a normal conversation w/ the person
3. Write a list of ways someone has left you.
…no one has ever left me except through death…
I do all the leaving…sad, eh?


I left you and I’m not sorry.

I opened your blue eyes and
pushed in my truth until
you ached with it.

Its strange to think of you
sitting alone in your room,
hand on your chin as you
stare at the white brick walls.

Its strange to think of you
genuinely feeling
sorrow or pain,
tears slipping down your cheeks,
hot, cutting knot in your throat.

Your anger steps in,
fiery and scorching,
in lieu of your grief.

I walk through your fire
and let you cut me with the
sheer of your glass syllables
for two years before I stop you.

I paid enough for you to
adorn your heart with gilded walls
and a moat, filled with snakes
who crush the will out of the brave women
who try to find you beneath the layers of
thick and cloak-like pain.

Yes, I left you and I’m not sorry.
I left you with a difficult task –
to abandon your memory of me.
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