britny (see_you_around) wrote in __amatory_verse,

stamped//Contrary Beliefs

I'm trying to stray

From cliches.

These words are too weak

Or too strong

For what I feel.

Maybe I'm just the woman on the street,

Begging for truth

And a place to sleep.

I jump from the thought of feeling

This way because you don't and

I know.

So I change my mind, I can live

If you were to leave.


They shout, "Nothing, nothing is forever"

In circles of picket lines and

Cries in different octaves,

Just wanting to be heard.

I am the one voice that varies

From the rest.

As my mind tells me

I must confess. Holding back

This long is a sin.

No, I don't, I will not.

For your sake, I won't.

So I spare you an awkward moment and

Myself from embarassment.

It will fade, as flowers do,

As we all do.


But it just builds, a fresh, new brick each day.

Tomorrow this chimney will

Pollute the whole city.

Because tomorrow is the day.

That's what you always say.

We will throw these scribbles of nonsense

Into the ever-growing flame. The edges will curl and the

Ashes will rise and

We will stare, we will.


Above all, this feeling will rise with the smoke,

Become one with the rain.

But what rises up must eventually fall.

I will be rid of this forever,

"Nothing, nothing is forever."

And this feeling is nothing. I will

Ignore the telegram from my heart and

Hope to God it wasn't important.

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