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in my own words...

Tell us the most important thing about you:i'm not afraid of who i am or who i hope to become.
Tell us one thing that you can't live without:my purse, it's full of my art supplies, my notebook, books, and pretty much anything else i could ever hope to need.
Who's your favorite poet and why?: Chris August, he's a Baltimore slam poet. i saw him perform once and since that my entire perspective on writing has changed. he let me see that really openning up and poruing myself into my words wasnt as scary as i once has thought it to be.
Describe yourself using only words. No pictures, please.:well i'm a bit too... everything: too thoughtful, too quiet, too stressed, too worried, too provoked, too inquizitive, too happy, too kind, too cold, too heartless, too open, too pessimistic, too optimistic..... the list goes on

i'm one big contradiction

some how i manage and i am quite content with myself, im a good person and pretty easy going.

pixiesfan wants to know, do you like Quizno's?: indeed i do
Give us an e-mail address where we can contact you (optional)
Post one poem: Cheap Ticket to Ride

Come and show me a good time
40 bucks a nite
along side route 1
a run down motel
with a blue light special
40 bucks a nite

and I want the bed to creak
and the roof to leak
and I want everything to be less then perfect

give me a show and open the door for once
the tv’s coin operated like my sex drive
and all you want is more
but you’ve got a lack of change

the room’s kinda hazy
like my thought process
maybe it’s the liquor
or maybe its just you

and the sheets are stained
somebody’s past is here
and its haunting this place heavy
heavy like my head

so this is how you sweep me off my feet
just like I asked
nice and cheap, nice and meaningless
40 bucks a nite

the scent’s of rain and mold
70’s carpet torn and roughed up
in all the wrong places
orange like the vomit
as you wipe your drunken lips

you’re alcoholic breath tells me the lies
I want to hear
Intoxicating, and astounding
Like you always said

40 bucks a nite
and you could have my heart

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