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L.A. Decker

"In my own words …"

Name: L.A. Decker
sex: female
age: 20
Tell us the most important thing about you:
Writing is one of the things I enjoy most in life (though reading, teaching, eating good food, and being with my boyfriend are all quite enjoyable).
Tell us one thing that you can't live without:
I cannot live without cereal. I depend on cereal to survive because I'm usually too busy to eat anything much.
Who's your favorite poet and why?:
Anne Sexton! Ever since I read her Transformations and discovered what she did with those fairy tales, I have just been in awe of her. I really recommend "Briar Rose." It is my favorite poem of hers.
Describe yourself using only words. No pictures, please.:
I am short. I have reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. I have curves. I like to think of myself as intelligent, though I know well enough that there are innumerable people out there who are smarter than I am. I love reading and writing. I love everything to do with English (including doing sentence diagrams). My skin is pale yellow because my mother is an olive colored Canadian and my dad is a pasty-white American-Dutchman. I have a small nose and small hands. I'm currently wrapped in a blanket because I am always cold.
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Post one poem:

Driving Memories

I saw your face in the night sky
while driving home. Your song floated
into my mind;
"I wanna know you, see where you're coming from."
Insomnia walks resurfaced,
your dirty hair and
singular whine.
Words you wrote
to gouge my smooth-skinned heart
because I would not love you.
Your friends pleading your case,
sitting beside me on my
furry tartan blanket.
"I wanna see you, more and more every day."
You became my shadow,
thinking you were unseen.
I had to
lock my door and shut the blinds
to be alone.
But then you evaporated,
months of blissful silence
and then your hot
hairy hand
on my pale arm,
fingernails digging
rouge furrows in my skin.
I couldn't think
"I wanna know you, but you gotta go my way."
Your nasal wailing and
two chord progressions
seeped back into my mind.
The look on your face
the day after the officer
forbid you to speak to me
upon pain of arrest,
eyes shining
mouth twisted
and teeth bared,
so enraged because you had not seen
my strength,
had not thought I would
confess it all.
You had not believed me
that when I said I was done with you,
I meant it.
“I wanna know you, but you just won’t see my way.”

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I used to be a member. I can't remember where I found you back then.
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