britny (see_you_around) wrote in __amatory_verse,


I lost my lists, I hope you'll forgive me. =\

I Wear My Make-Up On My Sleeve

I left the movie they said was a hit.
When alone, it's easy to just get up and
Leave. Nobody saw me, I was no more
Than a shadow in front of the screen.

I left my pride in the parking lot,
The pieces were spewed everywhere like
A broken bottle of alcohol. It would've
Taken forever to find them all anyway.

I left my motivation back in English class
When she said my story needed some work. Just
Change your ending, the conflict, and the dialogue.
Just change the way you think.

I left my mom back in the house, I felt
Too sick, too tired, too stubborn. My face was
Wet and I was too oblivious to see the pleading
In her eyes when she said, "Go ahead."

I left my life at the end of May because
Everything I had worked for had fallen
Away. I studied my face, a red, pasty mess.
At least for once I looked how I felt.
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