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mod//Here's my compromise


I am coming back part time. Here's how I'm going to handle things until life calms down for me. I will provide extensive critiques of poems I thing are really, really going somewhere. If I think -- even for a minute -- that a piece has not been adequately thought through, I won't comment. Don't take it personally; it's just how it has to be for now. If a piece has potential, but you've brought it to us not thoroughly worked out, I will make general constructive commentary. I will try to check in a couple of times a week, and I will try not to miss an opportunity to say when something is fantastic. If I say it's fantastic, I mean it.

Of course, those of you who know me already know this. Those of you who haven't basked in my fabulousness, or tasted my minty-fresh fecal matter, I hope we get to know each other soon.


PS -- Thanks for the kick in the butt, Steph.
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