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THEME// "be sure to write"

This isn't one of my better poems, but I thought the theme was worth a try.

1. moved away, left a friend who changed, left a boy
2. LIKE: a new start, leaving animosity, a chance to look at things from a different perceptive, time to heal. DISLIKE: change, leaving your comfort zone, bitterness, perhaps not being able to forgive, carrying things with you, if you can't totally recover.
3. someone i loved passed away, a friend changed so much that our friendship ended.
4. moving away when i was in the 1st grade, my grand father died when i was in the 5th grade.

"Don't Forget To Write"
He draped a sheet over the window,
so nobody would witness all our sins.
Fingers, hips, lips;
it was all very efficient.
And he left the door wide open on his way out.

Telephone calls to his apartment;
I can visualize his finger on 'erase.'
I get tangled up in his unfaithfulness,
but lost in his eyes.
It came and went with the breeze from the window.

One day she was saying, "best friends forever,"
and braiding dandelions in my hair.
The next she was lost,
in meaningless kisses and empty bottles.
Intoxicated for the weekend scene; she forgot 'forever.'

Leaned against the yellow lockers;
the ones we used to whisper secrets by,
she was now apologizing again and again.
I ignored the words and all I saw were lips moving;
the same lips that did all the damage.

I caught fireflies in a jar,
to illuminate August evenings,
but he was gone too early on a September morning,
to see all the light I created.
He left his chair by the television empty and cold.

He was gone in a haze,
of stones with names,
missing the faces.
Gray mist settles on flowers dead;
hanging over soiled vases.

No goodbyes lead to no closure.
And they forgot to say, "I'll be sure to write."
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