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So...while I'm on a roll today, I might as well post a new theme. I hope that this will envoke a lot of participants. It would be beneficial to try, at least.

The month's theme and competition for POM for April is: Abandonment

1. Write a list of ways in which you have left someone or something.
2. Write down (at least) 4 things that you like about leaving and (at least) 5 things that you hate about it.
3. Write a list of ways someone has left you.
4. Include situations from long-ago.
5. You may include some that are not true.
6. Now, using these lists of ideas, write your poem.
7. The style, structure, etc is up to you. You do not have to use ALL of this information, the lists are to inspire you more than anything else.

Lists can be very helpful, especially in organizing your thoughts and figuring out what you want to say before you write your poem. I'm sure that we've all expirienced a decent start and then the frustrating dissipation of a poem, or, basically "running out of juice." If you plan ahead (brainstorming with lists, freewriting, etc) you'll be more organized and can think more clearly about your subject as you're writing. I hope this is successful for everyone. ^_~

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