zusya (zusya) wrote in __amatory_verse,

what does one make of a prolific flurry? an epic slice of time where the body is wholly convinced of divinity itself posessing the mind's functions and memory's experience?

i want all the lies and spinful banter to cease, where every dimension, every continguous aspect one may fancy the world looks best in, would just collapse!: into a finer mess of bland and pallid conflict, where the worst case scenario is using up more time... wasting more time...

you can open your wallet - or what-have-you that holds the most of your money - and find every lost piece of past that has consumed your share of time

here is evidence of the mind as a cosuming force, as leviathan of life's journey: allow, if you would, allow yourself to find for yourself an image that you would relate to time as a tasty dish, and your body - your body! - and it's byzantine, myriad functions processing itself over time, can you see? i doubt it

all the veined vectors of fluids jetting as pressure would dictate the travel of oxygens, nitrates, iron as per every individual vessel in one's blood: have you seen the images? the pictures of what your blood looks like? from a microscopic angle?

how did we ever manage to capture such an image? those donuts, rounded vessels of continuing life, again, over time working with parts of your body, relative to a scale of macroscopic size, to just function. tiny little moving parts driving the consciousness you could easily test for yourself by seeking out something completely random... do it now

find something close to you that just happens to be within your sight, turn your head if you have to: examine it. imagine its shape when you're not looking, wonder how the atomic pieces that comprise its subsistence have made their journeys to your room, or wherever

is that special? of course not! this happens everyday, and who am i preach sacrosanctity in the everyday? in the everpresent?: plastic, radio waves, cement, metal, rubber, grease

enjoy the day! though, while you still can! i could say

how would you have me say it?

how would you have me...?
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