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In my own words …

Name: Jodi
sex: Female
age: 15
Tell us the most important thing about you: I'm obsessed with the show LOST.
Tell us one thing that you can't live without: A Pen.
Who's your favorite poet and why?: Robert Frost. He's the one who inspired me to start writing.
Describe yourself using only words. No pictures, please.: Short, fragile, insane, animal-lover.
pixiesfan wants to know, do you like Quizno's?: Yes! I love the veggie subs. Soooooo goood!
Give us an e-mail address where we can contact you (optional): doms_wh0re@yahoo.com
Post one poem:


In corners cold and bleak,
I hear the echoing screams.
Trapped and raped and bleeding,
desecrated by midnight dreams

An existence formed in blackened guilt,
has me chained to shards of doubt.
Hollow eyes and a breathless kiss.
A phantom touch. A life without.

Memories old, rot and reek,
feast off flesh torn and charred.
Mists of scarlet, drip and sway,
stain the portrait, seal the scar.

In shadows long forgotten,
lost behind this mask of lies,
I'm helpless and I'm aching.
Haunted always by withered cries.

Promote us to at least one community and leave us the link. (I don't want to fill other people's communities with tons of promos for this one. That's kind of rude. Promote us anywhere but where we found you. Thanks): http://www.livejournal.com/community/joss_stone/
Out of curiousity, how did you find us?: Random journal surfing.

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