fatherfabulous (fatherfabulous) wrote in __amatory_verse,

mod//here's something called "Naked"


All eyes follow me,
the hypnotist’s gold watch.
Tiny ruby orbs in serpent heads
seated in neat rows,
with their dirty dollar bills,
forked tongues pointing
like hot God fingers
at imperfection:
the mole on the shoulder,
the scar on the arm,
the crooked nose,
the paranoid shrinking
of soft flesh.

Rude little nightmare –
the clock on the wall keeps
Dali time, busy fingers
draw and smudge the lines:
the plane of the back,
the hollow of the hip,
the curve of the thigh,
all sketched in black and white.
And I, closed tight,
imagine lying in the tall grass
beneath the bloody red roses,
the tulips purple contusion.

Unpublished work © 2005: Scott VanDeman
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