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first darft// no title

Dear FF,

I was kinda scared of what you might say, and had dedicated my last weeks (months??) to writing in spanish only... but then i decided that was stupid, because it was like running away.

Even though english isn't and will never be my language, i want to give this a try.... and improve.


Myself in love with Him.

He, who is to be missed in the midst of my accompanied hours.

Sitting to the left of my boyfriend, in those beige marble front steps,

And the eyes I see are not his, but His.

Tasting them with every stare merging myself and blending my own,

With Their color… that indescribable but scented honey brown/green grass.


Tasting Those lips that belong to my own,

But savoring those that were once mine but now belong…

to Her.

That girl dressed in rags, but whose hair strands resemble ways,

ways for each to follow. Ways to surrender to and to yield to, in admit-able defeat.

Her, Destiny.


In each hug embracing His omnipresent silhouette.

My skin dipped in His presence though not in His arms…


So I pledge myself to these words when describing my accompanied hours,

That are by him, His, inheritors of who prevailed loyal to destiny.

p.s. i tried posting this one but i think it didnt work so im posting it again.

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