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How It Works

1. Every month mix CD themes for the swaps are posted, you have a week to sign up for as many/few as you like. You can specify whether to mail on your continent or worldwide.
2. After a week (approx.) partners are posted for all the swaps.
3. You have a week to put your CD/s in the mail for your partner/s.
4. Soon, you will recieve mix CDs in the theme/s you signed up for.

So you want to join?

1. Be sure you understand the rules before you join.
2. Your request to join will be submitted to the mods.
3. When your request to join is approved you must fill in the profile below and post it within 48 hours or you will be deleted from the members list. If you can't fill it in within this time, just let us know.
4. Your profile will then be added to the memories section so your swap partner/s (if they wish) can check out your favourites and have a better guess at what bands to include on your mixes.
~ The Profile ~

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Least favourite bands:
5 random things you like:
Quote a random song at us:

Important.You must keep this community on your friends list in order to remain a member. Additionally the mods will not approve any new members to join the community unless it is on your friends list.

Were a member & are wondering why you're not now?
On 15th April 2006 members who had been inactive for a while were asked to reply to a post asking if thy wished to remain part of the community, and those who didn't reply within 3 days were then deleted.
If you were removed but wish to re-join the community, please do so! :) You were not deleted for any "bad" reason, just to smooth out the running of the community for the mods.